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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I'm proud of what I'm today...!!

Well, frankly speaking.. I don't think I'm amongs your favourite blogger you would like for reading every entry that you like in this blog, maybe?

I'm just a struggling person who are trapped between my work and my personal interest.. So, please don't compare me with the bloggers mae or top famous one like Pen Patah Blog, Berita Semasa Blog, Blogger aka artist ~ Hanis Zalikha ~  and etc.

My life was pretty busy lately, doing some research about Lipan, doing some work and actually I don't know what I done! Most of my life in front of the electrical book or some photography session to do..! Sleep everywhere I could and have a very little knowledge of what happening in the world.

People know, sometimes life can be difficult. We fight through out everyhours.. Everyday... Just to make sure we have enough air to breath tomorrow.

Here there are so many choices, so many decisions to have make and I believe what ever the choices we make today will lead us to what we will achieve tomorrow. But, everytime I'm facing the moment like this. I could't help myself from remembering yesterday. It was the day whenever I got confused and lost my directions.

Hmm, there were always come somebody to show me the way...

Sometimes, I wonder where are all my friends gone? What are they have been doing right now? Do they still remember me? All the questions remain no answer. And suddenly all the memories come back to me... Splashing like a wave inside my head and take over my mind... I let it happens.....

~ During battery test ~ With my roomate ikhsan in front of Jabal Akwa (Gunung Belakang tu dulu gunung berapi.. Tapi sekarang dah tak aktif lagi...)

"Peh, rileks la Anoy... Test battery je pun.. 24jam tak tido apa ada hal..? Kita gilir-gilir la jaga.. Kan ada ramai tester Malaysia kat bumi Al-Jizan ni...Heh..!", Ikhsan concentrate doing MCB test.

"Aku tak kisah jaga 24jam gilir-gilir.. Aku tengok Mr. Klause tu macam garang je.. Mata aku ngantuk ni, bai... Kalaulah kat pekan Sabya ni ada 7eleven kan best....."

"Kalau nak 7eleven, kena keje dulu la.. Dekat nak raya nanti kita balik Malaysia, pastu kita pegi 7eleven sampai muntah.. Hahahahahaaaa!!", my friends are laughing at me.

We used to stayback untill late night to finish our testing project.. And yes, there were always treasure and headache. But we still have fun though dengan main sepak-sepak pasir kat tengah-tengah padang pasir during late night!

Stayback untill late night during testing progress.. Mata rabak dah!

Walking along the desert from our project site to the site office was some kind of routines for us. We did it almost every time. It was apart of our 'survivor learning' process. The project site was our 'second home', we spent (almost 17 hours per day) most of our time there. The place was like our social place for gathering and meet other friends and workers from around the world like India, Philipines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt and etc.

The most happy time that we are waiting for every Friday! Makan besar together with guy from Egypt!

Our site office at the desert.
Our site office and our project site.. This photo taken from Jabal Akwa after my friends climbed it. ~ by Own ~

Well as you can imagine here,

This is our project site.. Here we spent our fun time with main sepak-sepak pasir when we rindu Malaysia!

I still treasure all the memories during my life at Saudi Arabia which it is too valueable to forget. Some people said...

"...Today's hardwork is tomorrow's glory and yesterday remains history..."

But, yesterday is part of me. It shared my life and made me be the person I'm today. And I'm proud of what I'm today...!!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

xX-File : Water Have Been Missing!

This is the tale of two secret agents who go nuts over strange things like ghosts, UFOs and something scary like orang bunian in a malay tale story.
Somewhere in the city, agents Socks Molder is in toilet, singing twinkle twinkle little star while sitting on a toilet bowl.

TUT! TUT! TUT! TUT! Suddenly he was interrupted by the sound of his handphone..

"Who' there?" Molder answered his handphone.

"It's me.. Molder, I need you..", Answered his familiar voice of a woman.

"Mom? Thank god.. That song you taught me to sing when I have problems in the toilet did not work. I still cannot..."

"Molder! It's me Karee!!" agent Donna Karee interupted him.

"Oh, you sounded just like mama. err.. by any chance do you have any tips so that I can 'GO' easily?", asked Molder who had been sitting on the toilet bowl for almost an hour.

"You;re still in the toilet?Okay try singing the Cindai song. It always work on me...."

"Okay i'll try that. err... Cindailah mana, hendak berhias..." Molder start singing the popular sing in the country.

"By the way, Molder! We have a new case. It seems that the city is out of water!", explained Karee while listening to her partner singing.

"Oh, my god!", cried Molder suddenly.

"What's wrong, Molder! Is there an alien with you?', asked karee who sensed the fear in her partner's voice.

"No! Oh my god", Molder still crying.

"You found an alligator in the toilet bowl?", guessed Karee again.

"No.. No.. There is no water! I just 'WENT' and there is no water for me to wash!"cried Molder in panic.

"Stay put! I'll get you some mineral water...", promised Karee who immediately switched off her handphone and went to the nearest 7 eleven to get mineral water for her partner.

In a secret goverment building located at a secret address, agent Socks Molder and agent Donna Karee were sitting in front of their boss, Assistant Director Skinny.

"Is that a new hair gel?", Asked Karee who noticed her boss's different look.

"No, thats the shampoo. I was taking shower and shampooed my hair. But the taps was dry." Said Skinny who blew several bubles that flew from his hair.

"Is that's explain why you're only wearing a towel to the office." Said Molder trying to count the bones on his boss's Skinny body.

"Agent Molder, agent Karee. we have problem.." Skinny said in a serious voice as requested by the writer.

"Encik AnoyNanan has decided to close the Mari Bercerita Blog?" guessed Karee who all the while had fear that the end has come for the series.

"Is due to the economic slow down? Please don't let him end his writing! Please! tell him we are willing to work for free!!" cried Molder in panic.

"No! No!No! so far we are still in this blog. our problem is that water have been missing from the city." Explained Skinny and placed his left leg on the table.

"Err, Sir.. You're not wearing anything under that towel." Whispered Karee to her boss.

"OPssss! Sorry! Err... the two of you have to find out what is happening to the water and stop this water crisis..."

"How?isnt that the waterworks department's job?"Asked molder.

"Just do your jobs, agents!"ordered Skinny as the office phone rang.

"Hello! Oh.. Encik Anoynanan.. how are you? Ok! Thats good news. I will tell my two agents. tata..."

"Are we getting raise?", guessd Karee when he saw the smile on Skinny's face as the two agents were walking out the office.

"No. But he said will consider not to end the Mari Bercerita blog's. He also happy that we want to work for free..." Explained Skinny and slammed the door in frustration....

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Awesome Or Stupid?

Thrillerseeking is a personality defined by the search for an experiences and feelings.

Please take a look.. What do you think? Awesome, or stupid?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Untuk Jurutol Sahaja...

Jalan lama..?Takde tol....
Adakah korang pernah bercita-cita menjadi seorang jurutol? Korang rasa pekerjaan sebagai jurutol mudah? Ambik duit, hulur resit.... Oh, Tidakkkkk.... Ia bukan semudah yang disangka.. Bekerja sebagai jurutol ni penuh dengan pantang larang. Kat sini ada disenaraikan apa yang tidak patut korang lakukan jika korang adalah seorang jurutol.....

1. Walaupun pengguna lebuhraya memberi korang duit, ini bukan bermakna duit itu korang yang punya. Jangan sesekali menggunakan duit itu membelanja rakan sekerja korang makan tengah hari..

2. Korang dilarang sama sekali untuk menyidai pakaian yang baru dibasuh di palang pondok tol korang bekerja..

3. Pondok tol tempat korang bertugas adalah hak milik syarikat. Korang tidak dibenarkan menghias pondok tol tersebut sesuka hati korang apatah lagi membuat aktiviti 5S dengan hiasan yang pelbagai....

4. Korang juga dilarang daripada berbual-bual mesra sambil bertukar-tukar pendapat dengan pembayar tol walaupun korang mengenali si pembayar tol tersebut..

5. Setiap plaza tol mempunyai beberapa lorong. Jangan pulak korang menyediakan lorong korang sendiri yang dikenali sebagai lorong tikus..

6. Korang jugak tidak boleh menjalankan aktiviti perniagaan sampingan di pondok tol. Contohnya menjual kerepek pisang kepada pengguna lebuhraya..

7. Bayaran tol setiap jenis kenderaan telah ditetapkan, maka korang tidak berhak menaikkan atau menurunkan harga bayaran tol mengikut budi bicara korang biarpun sekarang ni harga minyak dah naik..

8. Setiap kenderaan yang melalui plaza tol wajib membayar tol kecuali basikal, motosikal, kereta api, sampan, kapal layar, kapal terbang, feri dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Tidak boleh la korang membiarkan sesebuah kenderaan melalui lorong korang tanpa sebarang bayaran walaupun kenderaan itu dipandu oleh kaum kerabat korang.

9. Korang jugak tidak seharusnya melarang seseorang daripada menggunakan lorong korang walaupun dia musuh ketat korang sedari kecil lagi...

10. Selain itu, korang janganlah menjadikan pondok tol sebagai tempat tidur korang walaupun masa bekerja korang dah tamat...

Itu aje lah info buat korang yang teringin nak jadi jurutol secara full time ataupun part time.. Moga info yang ada ni berguna dan menjadi azimat buat jurutol dan pembayar tol di lebuhraya.. hihihiiiiii...


Friday, 18 October 2013

Aku, Badminton Dan Hantu Pocong...

Hobi baru dengan semangat baru...
Sekarang aku dah ada hobi baru. bermain badminton. Haa, aku tau ada antara korang pun macam tak percaya yang aku sekarang ni ada hobi bersukan main badminton.

Aku 'chop' hobi main badminton ni bukan apa, semuanya gara-gara anakanda Harith la hari tu dia kata abah dia gemuk. Haa, start hari ni aku nak cuba kempiskan perut! Korang jangan nak senyum-senyum pulak, aku bukan main-main nak kurus nih....!

Nak kata aku terer sangat main badiminton tu idok le.. Tapi, aku pernah dapat title jadi naib juara dalam sukan badminton.. Title tu aku dapat masa aku darjah 5 dulu la time main dengan kawan-kawan kuarters UTMKL. Sejak lepas tu, aku tak main dah badminton sebab mak tibai aku pakai raket badminton tu sampai patah dek kerana aku 'starlight' dahi adik aku masa kitorang gaduh.. Raket dah patah camne nak main badminton lagi...

Actually, bila dah meningkat dewasa, aku beli raket baru.. Baek punya raket aku beli kat Plaza Alam Setral, Shah Alam.. Last time aku main badminton pulak dengan kawan-kawan adalah pada tahun 2009, time sebelum aku berangkat ke Arab Saudi. Sekarang ni dah tahun 2013, punyalah berhabuk casing raket badminton sebab dah lama sangat tak berusik.

Last week, member opis ajak main badminton kat Presint 18, Putrajaya. Main sama-sama dengan geng JKR Putrajaya. Permainan berlangsung dengan jayanya, biarpun aku kalah dalam semua set perlawanan. Lebih tak best, aku kalah dengan budak pompuan pulak tu... Dalam hati, aku cakap...

"Tak pe.. Tak pe.. Hang baru mula nak main balik lepas 4 tahun gantung raket.. Kalah dengan pompuan tak pe, depa kan insan yang lemah.. Sebagai lelaki, hang mesti mengalah, Anoy...."

Jadi la, buat ayat penyedap hati....

Dalam pukul 2300 hours, aku gerak balik ke rumah. Sebelum balik tu member aku pesan jangan lalu ikut kawasan highway yang dekat Desa Pinggiran Putra tu. Dia kata situ kawasan 'keras'. Banyak dah eksiden jadi kat situ. Ramai yang mati eksiden kat situ. Dari sumber maklumat diorang yang pernah eksiden kat kawasan tu, diorang kata terperanjat sebab nampak hantu bungkus @ hantu pocong melompat-lompat area situ.

Aku mula tak sedap hati bila diorang bercerita cenggitu.......

Masuk je gear 1 kereta, pikiran aku dah tak keruan.. Kalau boleh aku tak mau la terserempak dengan hantu pocong tu. Kepala hotak aku dengan pantas fikir ikut jalan mana nak balik ke rumah tu... Pikir punya pikir punya pikir punya pikir, last-last aku tak sedar dah termasuk highway area jalan Desa Pinggiran Putra yang diorang dok cerita tadi.. Ah, sudah... Jem kepala otak aku..! Pankreas aku mula menguncup perlahan-lahan...

Pada masa ni fikiran aku mula berimaginasi macam-macam.. Dengan imaginasi tu aku yakin aku mampu melawan perasaan takut dalam diri. Aku sebenarnya tak takut pun dengan hantu pocong ni.. Betul la, aku tak takut... Cuma seram je sikit.. Lagipun, cara diorang bercerita time tu macam seram sangat je aku rasa...

Fikiran aku menerawang jauh di celah-celah logik kewujudan hantu pocong yang diorang dok cerita tadi. Aku cuba mencari sisa-sisa fantasi kalau-kalau ada yang bertandang malam tu. Sebab aku tahu.. Hanya fantasi saja yang boleh membuat seseorang itu menjadi hero. Walaupun secara realitinya dan secara hukumnya, aku hanyalah pengecut.. Berlagak hebat di muka bumi.

Takde kereta lain yang lalu-lalng time tu. Kelajuan kereta aku masa tu cuma 70 km/H. Member aku kata kat kawasan 'keras' tu jangan bawak laju-laju takut kang terbabas bila nampak benda yang bukan-bukan. Dalam tengah sibuk-sibuk cari siaran tiba-tiba aku perasan something yang terbang rendah je depan kereta aku dalam jarak 50 meter di hadapan.

Aku lepaskan paddle minyak pelan-pelan, kemudian aku dekatkan muka aku kat cermin depan. Aku dongak ke atas. Aku nampak makhluk berbaju putih dengan tangan mendepa tengah terbang... Rambut dia panjang, beralun-alun ditiup angin...

Andrenalin aku mengepam jadi tak menentu, kejap-kejap rasa nak terkencing.. Aduhai..... Time ni la plak nak terkencingnya pun....... Aku pasang CD mengaji Al-Quran bacaan surah Al-Baqarah kuat-kuat.. Sambil drive, mata aku melilau pandang ke seat belakang takut kalau-kalau 'benda' tu tumpang balik rumah dia, tak ke naya aku nanti..?

Sampai kat pintu pagar depan rumah, aku baca surah Al-Fatihah, ayat kursi, surah 4 Qul kemudian aku cakap,

"Sampai sini je kalau kau nak ikut aku pun. Dalam rumah ni bukan rumah kau. Dah la.. Pegi la balik main kat tempat lain, ikut orang lain pulak.. Esok aku nak kerja...."

Lepas tu aku ludah sebelah kiri. Lepas ludah tu, memang meremang tengkuk aku. Teringat pesan emak.. Mak aku pernah kata, kalau lepas ludah tu jadi meremang bulu roma, maksudnya 'benda' tu memang ikut sampai ke rumah la tu....


Moral : Ambil wudhuk sebelum tidur...

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Best National Geographic Photographs of Year 2013

National Geographic is a leader in capturing planet Earth’s brilliant imagery. It sets the standard for excellence in photography. More than 22,000 entries were submitted from over 150 countries, with professional photographers and amateur photo enthusiasts across the globe participating. 

Photographs were submitted in three categories: people, places and nature. These photos have it all: breathtaking scenery, human drama, animal kingdom in action, visual treats created by spectacular formations. So, do not miss these! Which one will you decide selected as the best National Geographic photos of the year....?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Aku Nak Kurus, Tapi......

Suatu hari aku ada pergi ke rumah sewa lama aku kat area Shah Alam, saja nak jumpa kawan-kawan lama. Kat sana aku tengok diorang tengah sibuk semacam. Bukan sibuk buat thesis ataupun mengemas rumah tapi sibuk pikir macam mana nak kasi perut kempes. I think to myself, kalau diorang buat contest perut paling boroi, aku rasa belum tentu aku boleh menang...!!

"Abah ni gemuk laa...", Masih terngiang-ngiang kata anakanda Harith.

Jadi, pada hari yang bersejarah tu.. Aku membuat cabaran ke dengan diri aku sendiri. Celen diri -sendiri untuk buang berapa banyak lemak dalam kiraan unit kilogram. Kira macam weight lifting challenge laa... Harap-harap dengan adanya cabaran untuk diri-sendiri ni boleh la jadi makin bersemangat, mana tau boleh jadi macho macam Tom Cruise ke dengan figure aku yang bakal kurus tu..! Nothing impossible!

Dok angan-angan kalau dengan jogging boleh dapat badan fit macam tu...
The next morning, I start running. Lari punya lari sampai tak sedar dah sampai ke mana. Aku pun mula cuak sebab dah tak tahu aku kat mana. Last-last, aku tahan teksi terus balik daripada penat berjalan kaki dalam sesat. Berat tak hilang, duit jugak yang terbang! Cheh!!

"Aiseh, ada pusat gym la plak..."
Besoknya, masa aku balik dari kerja, aku jumpa satu gym kat area rumah aku. Belum cuba belum tahu. Itu jam jugak aku singgah, kasi join. Nak join kena bayar yuran membership ( duit lagi!).. The next thing I know, I'm pumping iron macam Anold Schwarzenegger. Angkat.. Letak.. Angkat.. Letak...... Arrrgghhh... Lama-lama aku boring sebab asik buat benda yang sama je.. Perut masih membulat.. I want my life back!

So, 2 minggu lepas tu aku quit.. Tapi, diorang kata membership fees tu tak boleh kasi balik. Aku cakap,

"Keep it!!", Dalam hati mencarut ada la jugak sikit-sikit ditujukan khas buat pusat gym tersebut.

Kebetulan kat bangunan sebelah pusat gym tu ada buat kelas aerobik. Mata aku membulat, otak cargas lebih bersemangat nak kurus.. This is what I call life! Yiihaaaa... C'mon bebeh, make my day!!!

Indahnya doniaaaa.......

Hmmm... dalam masa 2 minggu jugak aku quit dari join kelas aerobik tu. Tak boley jadi laa.. Gua kena fokus dengan celen gua yang nak kempeskan perut. Tapi bila masuk dalam kelas aerobik, lain benda plak yang gua fokus, paham-paham la kelas aerobik kan ramai pompuan...It  not good...! Macam biasa la, bila pegi kat counter diorang kata membership fees tak boleh dapat balik.... Lagi sekali duit terbang lagi...

Then, I went back home.. Melayan anakanda Harith main lompat bintang. Sambil lompat bintang dengan anakanda harith mata aku tertumpu kat TV, wallawei ada iklan Smartshop le plak.. Diorang macam tau-tau je aku nak kasi turun berat badan... Aku terus called.....

Lepas called, dalam masa beberapa hari barang yang aku order pun sampai.. Barangnya besar-besar sampai la ke part yang paling kecik. Aku tak tau macam mana nak pasang, tu belum kira lagi macam mana nak pakai... Sekali tengok, barang tu betul-betul macam barang sarkas.. Terlalu kompleks!!

Forget about it lah.. I'm not an exercise kind of guy anyway. Aku suka makan, aku suka relax, gemuk? Ah, aku punya sukalah! Apahal plak orang lain nak sibuk? But then, here comes another product meant for lazy, food roving people like me. Aku guna krim mustajab pati halia, sapu sikit kat tempat yang bermasalah lepas tu pegi main badminton. Masa tu pembakaran lemak berlaku dengan pantas! Then, minum apple juice sebab kata orang,jus epal ni adalah merupakan salah satu agen anti-oksida..

Tapi, semua tu bertahan tak lama.. Cuma main badminton je yang bertahan sampai sekarang.. Harap-harap dengan main badminton nanti boleh la kurus macam Tom Cruise.. Hahahahahaaaaa!!